What is the Rooster Net?

We are a group of amateur radio operators who have been meeting on the radio every day of the year since September 10, 1957 when the net was founded by Doug Frothingham, then K2IZI of Smithtown, NY. We operate on or about the frequency of 3.990 MHz. Anyone with a general class or higher license is welcome to participate. Our official net time is 0600 to 0700 Eastern (US). Many gather early and provide a great prenet, and we usually run over time.

In addition to our on-air activity, we get together many times throughout the year. In April we have lunch get together in the Pennsylvania Dutch country. Mid-July finds us at Valley Forge, PA for our annual golf / dinner / picnic weekend. Not to mention our Florida Flocking held in February. There are also smaller gatherings on the First Friday in Eagleville, PA, the First Monday in State College, PA, and at many of the larger hamfests.

To become a member, you need to check-in 20 times in a 90-day period between 0600 and 0700 Eastern. Keeping track of those check ins is the responsibility of the candidate. Upon completion of the 20th, he or she should let the net control know you are ready to "crow in". They will ask for 5 Roosters to act as judges. You may be asked to make a transmission to confirm the judges are hearing you. You will then be given the following list of 5 things you need to complete in order on air.

1. Climb up on the back of your chair.
2. Face the east.
3. Flap your wings.
4. Announce your call sign.
5. Then crow like a ROOSTER!

When you have completed the list to the satisfaction of the judges, you have become an official, numbered Rooster. You will then be given instructions on what information we collect for our membership database, and where to send same via email. You will then be asked to offer a brief acceptance speech.

Don't be surprised if you do not pass on your first try. Our highly experienced judges can be, shall we say are sticklers, and have a strict set of rules they must follow. So here are a few tips to help you along the way. Keep in mind this is theater of the mind, like old time radio was in it's hay day. Announce each step as you perform it, and do them in order. Also "Cocka Doodle Do" just will not cut it as roosters do not have lips! A good crow comes from the gut and sounded in the throat.

Believe it, or not there really is a reason for this madness;-) Simply our intention is to deeply know our members. It is from the camaraderie both on, and off the air that makes us who we are. Plus we are proud of it! We also have learned that being a Rooster is not for everyone. Unfortunately we have lost prospects along the way. However we also have many other operators who check in semi-regularly just because they may have a friend who is, or just enjoys our net. We hope you will too!