A message from the Chief Rooster.

Mike Errigo, WB3EQW

Picture of Mike, WB3EQW

Good Morning Roosters!

This year we celebrated the fifty sixth anniversary of the Rooster Net. We meet on 3.990 mhz LSB every day of the year, and have done so since September 10th of 1957. We start with a free spirited pre-net at 5AM or even earlier, and begin the net at 6AM. We take check-ins from most of the eastern half of the United States, but occasionally hear folks from other areas. Our spirited net control stations give each check-in two opportunities to make comments. We close the net after going through the check-ins twice or if things are busy, we close as late as 8:30AM.

Our group is informal. To become a member we require prospective members to check in twenty times between 6AM and 7AM. After twenty check-ins, we give you the opportunity to become a full-fledged member with a friendly initiation.

Our group has an annual get together every summer which consists of a Thursday evening gathering at a Southeastern Pennsylvania location, followed on Friday with a friendly golf outing, plus a Friday evening social, with a nice picnic all day Saturday.

We also have other informal get-togethers throughout the year. Check in with us on 3990 and become a member, and attend our events. I could fill this space with details about our group, but just check in on 3990 and say hello, and if you enjoy our gathering become a Rooster. We have had over 1300 amateurs become members.


Mike - WB3EQW